LABOSAR, laboratory of clinical analysis,  was founded in 1990 by Oscar Llansó and Arturo Martínez. All samples are collected and taken to Labosar headquarters in Malgrat de Mar where they are processed and anatomized.

The needs of the geographical area where the laboratory is set  boosted us to broaden our service and take it to the neighbouring towns of Tordera, Pineda de Mar and Lloret de Mar. Later Blanes, Maçanet, Breda and Sant Pol where added to the laboratory, thus setting the present group of centres where Labosar is working, reaching two Catalan regions: Alt Maresme and La Selva.

Having  all these centres  makes the access to a blood test, or other kinds of tests, easier to all the population in the area.

The laboratory is provided with the latest technological equipment in the areas of Hematology, Biochemistry,  Immunology, Haemostasis and Microbiology. We also have a really qualified team of biologists, pharmacists, certified nurses and laboratory technicians. This enables us to deliver the results of most tests on the same day when the samples are taken, except those which require a longer analytical process.

Labosar also collects more specific samples for Genetic Testing or Pathological Anatomy. These samples are then taken to other reference centres contracted by Labosar.

Since 2005 Labosar has implemented the prescript ISO 9001-2008 with register number: EC2071/05 and it is also taking part in the external  quality controls by the Generalitat de Catalunya

Historia Labosar